Many players like unblocked io games so much and especially they like agario. This game is simple to play so that there are simple rules: Eat smaller ones and stay away from bigger ones. Each player control a blob and tries to make it bigger in size by eating pellets or smaller blobs. If you have a small blob, you can be attacked by bigger ones but you can move fast. If you have a big blob, you can eat smaller blobs but you can move slowly. So you should split it into two pieces and move faster. Enjoy this great game agario unblocked

There are many unblocked io games and agario is one of the most preferred ones. You can learn this game easily and try as it has simple rules: Only bigger blobs can eat smaller ones. So, try to eat smaller blobs, run away from bigger ones. There are also viruses in the game. If your blob is smaller than a virus, you can hide inside and protect yourself against bigger blobs. But if it is bigger than virus, it will be split into many pieces when it touches. You can also feed viruses to split bigger blobs into several pieces. Enjoy! Play Agario Unblocked